© Celia Sandhya Daniels ( She / They ) — Trans evangelist & Human Rights Activist

Celia is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, D&I champion, blogger, composer, musician, photographer, hiker and a filmmaker. She currently resides in southern california with her family. She is an Asian Indian who identifies as Gender Non-Binary and Non-Op trans person of color.

Growing up as a lonely closeted trans child in a conservative middle class christian home in Southern India, Celia writes and speaks passionately about her inner struggles, gender dysphoria and social challenges she faced in her family, work, school and community both in US and India.

Professional Background : She is management consultant with over 20 plus years of demonstrated success in operating, growing and spearheading media, healthcare and life sciences engagements for the fortune 100 companies like Amgen, Gilead, Genentech, United Health, BlueCross and Americhoice. As a regional account executive with companies like IQVIA, Capgemini, Cognizant and Dun & Bradstreet, she has managed global cross-functional teams and implemented enterprise strategies, maximizing ROI for multi billion dollar clients. She has been consistently recognized for customer satisfaction and employee empowerment. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in computer science.

As a diversity and inclusion champion she educates, empowers and advocates for (TGI) transgender and gender variant and Intersex individuals in the corporate world.

Community Advocate : Celia brings an intersectional blend of ethnicity, creativity, culture, religion and corporate experience in her “trans-evangelism”, as she likes to call it. She does free lance work for small to large size companies and volunteers for a few non-profit organizations, churches, institutions and community resource groups in United States and India. She is passionate in supporting marginalized communities and individuals by providing them a safe space to address various issues relating to bullying, gender discrimination, medical, behavioral, mental health and suicidal thoughts.

She is currently focused on educating and building allies with local communities, business, churches, police dept., therapists, doctors and organizations that fight for civil rights and economic empowerment.

Achievements & Engagements :

•Serving as the Vice President for Stonewall Democrats in Ventura County, California.

• Received the “Certificate of Recognition as Friend of the Port” in honor of the 2021 Women’s history month from Oxnard Board of Harbor Commissioners in Ventura County. California.

Received the 2019 Human Rights Campaign’s equality award for “Outstanding commitment and service to our community” .

• Serving as the Executive Board Secretary for Trans Can Work , that focuses on Economic Empowerment for the Transgender and Gender Non Binary community in North America.

• Served in the community advisory board for Fordham’s HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute (RETI), funded through the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

• Served as the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR for Sahodari F in 2018–2019, an India based transgender organization that empowers the transgender and gender non binary community through education and training in creative arts.

• Contributed to the policy changes in 2019 along with TransLatino Coalition in LA to make recommendation to the State for the trans/gnb community in California.

•Received the “2017 Visionary ” from Satrang, a southern California south asian LGBTQ+ community to honor the vision, bravery and for speaking strongly against injustice in this political climate against Transgender community.

• She currents leads the Indivisible:Conejo LGBTQ+ ( Civil Right organization ) and active volunteer with Diversity Collective-Ventura, Toastmasters, PFLAG and FFLUID support groups in Southern California.

Topics that I am passionate about :

Diversity Inclusion and Integration

  • How to influence change in the US healthcare Industry for Trans and Gender Non-Binary individuals.
  • Changing the four pillars of the healthcare system in America.
  • Why Healthcare and Mental Health is important for trans individuals.
  • Empowering Trans and Gender Non-binary individuals in the workplace from the Bathroom to the Boardroom.
  • How can you create a PRIDE 365 culture — Instead of Pink washing & Branding Trans folks.
  • Build meaningful ALLIES within your Company.
  • Why Community involvement is vital for a company’s culture.
  • Moving the needle beyond DEI : Is HRC CEI Index good enough to bring about the change you need in your company ?
  • 2025 Workforce : Why is it important to focus on your younger generation and Millennials.
  • Gender Spectrum : Why policies shouldn’t be made based on XX or XY ?
  • Influencing the transgender ecosystem to eradicate Conscious and Unconscious bias.
  • Why Intersectionality should matter in your company ?
  • TRANScending Patriarchy through a Gender Non-Binary lens.

Personal & Motivational

  • The Five Dimensions of my Life : Dream-Doubt-Denial-Discovery-Destiny.
  • Gender Identity : Not a recent trend but a 4000 year old culture.
  • While fighting for Trans rights how my focus changed towards human rights.
  • The Invisible trans folks in India.
  • What COVID did to my Gender Dysphoria ?
  • Does Bible really discriminate against transgender individuals ?
  • Why do Christians use Bible to hate the LGBTQ+ community ?
  • I was publicly humiliated both in India and US. How I changed it.
  • How I came out to my wife and daughter and now they are my biggest ALLIES.

Contact : celiasandaniels@gmail.com | linkedin : | Facebook : | Instagram and twitter : Celia S. Daniels

A few Videos & Podcasts

Trans and Gender Non-Binary inclusion in the work place :

Unboxing God ( Christianity and Transgender ) :

Celia’s Music Video about Trans and Gender non-binary victims :

Celia is an Asian Indian Non-op trans women of color who is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, composer, musician, photographer and a filmmaker.

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